Motley zooms out of
the open tunnel
Kasey shows grace
weaving through the poles
Picaso runs over the A-frame like
a champ with handler, Bonnie.
Patiently waiting on the pause table
for a signal from handler to go
Learning how to do the
teeter -totter takes
patience and time
Jumps are fun and easy for the
doggies; different heights for
different sizes
Good going through the tire;
once jumping is mastered
not too hard
Nice form across the dog walk;
once across and then doesn't
seem so high
The broad jump seems like a
long way until the dog tries it a
few times
Equipment at the facility
Oh, boy dog agility!!
Fun new skills.
We have all the different agility
equipment for the dogs to play and
practice on. They include jumps, open
and collapsed tunnels, pause tables,
A-frame, dog walk, teeter-totter,
weaving poles, tire and broad jump.