Tomi shows that
even little pups can
jump through the
No fear Gizmo scales the
A-frame to check out the
scenery. He's a steady agility
Pinot encourages his sister,
Stella to jump big.
The grand old lady of the bunch, Kasey, lets
her hair down or was that up. After 17
years she still shows the way it's done
Rosie gets more comfortable
going through the tunnel
Thomas gets his enthusiastic
dog, Gibson to jump
Oscar takes on the dog
walk like a pro
Nakita enjoys the
collapsed tunnel
Buttons gets encouragement from her
young handler on the dog walk
Brody concurs the A-frame and
that is a steep climb
Robbie is the perfect jumper
A rare moment for the lightening
fast Bivo on the pause table
Wild handsome Beckett takes
a break
Client comments
Client Comments:
I get to play
All skill levels welcome
Young and Mature dogs
Play and Competition
All ages of Handlers
Dimitry has come a long way to
being more focused and
enjoys playing on the dog
agility equipment.